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It looks like you stole a scene from an Adam Phillips movie! The water is exactly like his water! >:(

0blivi0us responds:

Yeah, and he is the best animator on the world.

and i think i did a good job. i am one big fan of him. but i wont see you score a ZERO on the perfect tribute to krinkels with his maximum ninja!


Damn! I totally love your style! It's awesome! if you ever want to make a game contact me and I'll be pleased to program something with you :D seriously.

LOL at emos!

Emos should all go away, they are gay and ugly and I make nightmares coz of em... Good Job Joe!

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Awesome game!

This ia truly an amazing game! The art and controls are super smooth and it's SO addicting! Nice story too, simple and funny. I liked how you could destroy kids in the restaurant before entering the backdoor. Keep up the excellent work!

Joelasticot responds:

Merci Ô grand Iron Man, reine de parmis les reines, déesse de l'extase et marionettiste de l'humanité.

Oh god.

How can this be nearly 10MB when there's practically nothing in it?

Isakboarding responds:

Whats wrong with you. 1/10!!! Just because of that?!

Go back to school please.

This game fails to entertain for more than 2 minutes because.. well.. everything starts to lag out after 2 minutes. It's a major programming flaw to leave unused things on the stage that make it impossible to manage for the flash player.

No replay button either, you think people play once and quit?

Also, if you press 'A', you become invisible (hidden god-mode?) and only the laser can kill you then.

JPGarcia responds:

there's no need to be so friendly: "go back to school" wtf... the three things u just mencioned have already being said by alot of ppl... and i already explained: didn't have the time to finish it, and i prefered to submit what i had, a lot of ppl liked it.
thanks to all of them.

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It wasn't so bad

But I just wanna say that Hip Hop Ejay ROCKS!!! by the way, wich one are you using? I'm using hip hop ejay 2

meneldil responds:

I'm using 3, ur right, Ejay rulez!


c pourri coliss!!! sa vo pas dla marde! en t'entends crisser des coups sur ton clavier! je srais pret a parier 100 piasses ke tas fait sa sur un ptit criss de clavier fisherprice!!! fammetayellvatenchevous!

Tres tres bon mec!

Je l'ai bien aimé meme si dhabitude je préfere le rap queébécois que français de france!!! continue le bon travail!!

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